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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Illustrated Man, Parts 14 and 15

This post will actually feature two tattoos, partially because they are basically a set, and partially because I got them done in the same day during the same appointment. As you probably know by now, I'm a huge video game fan. Video games have been a huge part of my life since the NES first hit homes in 1985, and I've never looked back. To this day, I still play a ton of video games. When I went in for my then-next tattoo, I wanted something related to video games to show my love for the amazing hobby/art form (and yes, it IS an art form). Based on that, I figured, what better to get tattooed on me than the game that started my entire obsession? The game in question was the original Super Mario Bros. on NES. Games related to the Mario Bros. have been around longer than I have, and to this day they are still the cornerstone of the entire Nintendo franchise. I have always loved most of these games in some way, so I decided to have the iconic Mario and Luigi tattooed on my wrists (Mario on the right, Luigi on the left). This set of tattoos courtesy of Shawn at Phantom Tattoo in Centralia, WA.

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