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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hot Chick In Tall Socks Of The Week: 7/31/11 (Celebrity Edition)

This week's hot chick in tall socks is an author, actress and correspondent for The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, the beautiful Olivia Munn. She can be seen in the pic above, wearing thigh-high white and blue striped socks. Thigh-highs are my favorite, so it was easy to give Olivia the award for the week. Plus, she's hot, and she's funny. That's a trifecta of awesomeness. Add in the fact that she's a nerd and the trifecta of awesome just became, um, I don't know, a quadrant? A quadrant of awesomeness? Yeah, that's good.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Illustrated Man, Part 26: Assassin's Creed

This is my most recent piece (done between my pecs). In the last couple years, I have become a huge fan of the Assassin's Creed game series. It's just so incredibly well done, from the characters and environments to the story and how much research was done for these games. Although they are works of fiction, they are heavily based on actual events, persons and places, and the amount of effort that went into the research for the games is staggering. Anyway, because of my love for these games, I wanted to get a tattoo based on the games, but more unique than just taking a picture and copying it. So, I took the symbols for the Assassins, the Templars and Abstergo Industries and had them put together into one piece, basically representing the two warring factions throughout the series. On a side note, this tattoo was the most excruciating pain I've ever experienced while getting tattooed. Although I'm very happy with how the tattoo turned out, I don't recommend getting inked in this spot unless you have either a very high threshold for pain, or you are just dead set on getting inked there. Tattoo courtesy of Chase Martines at Brave New World Tattoo in Denver, CO.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Illustrated Man, Part 25: Tibetan Skull

This was my 25th tattoo, and I had it done on my right forearm. The only real story behind this is my artist drew it and I said I liked it. His shop was in the process of having their 10-year anniversary and had a camera man come in to film a DVD for the anniversary. He needed someone to tattoo, so he offered the piece to me free as long as I agreed to be filmed. I had absolutely no problem with being filmed and am never one to turn down a free tattoo, so I said sure. The end result is this badass Tibetan Skull (the blur is just glare from the ointment I had on it). Courtesy of Chase Martines at Brave New World Tattoo in Denver, CO.

Hot Chick In Tall Socks Of The Week: 7/28/11

As those of you who read my other adult blog, you may know that I have a big, BIG thing for chicks in tall socks. My wife happens to be one of those chicks (she owns many pairs), and it's one of many reasons why I love her. As it turns out, there are tons of people who share the same love of chicks in tall socks, and surprisingly, it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with porn (although there is a world of porn featuring chicks in socks, and it's all just terrific). So, I decided to share my love of girls in socks with you, not only because people love pics of hot girls, but because this should hopefully increase my millions and millions of readers to billions and beyond. Now, without further ado, I present the first entry in a weekly (or more, if I feel like it) series I very cleverly call the "Hot Chick in Tall Socks of the Week". Enjoy this week's entry, a lovely black-haired chick in some sexy red over-the-knee socks.

The Illustrated Man, Part 24: "Dr. Death" Steve Williams

As I stated in a previous blog post, "Dr. Death" Steve Williams was a hero of mine and a man I considered a friend. I'm not going to repeat the entire story (but you can read all about it here), but sadly, he is not with us anymore. After thinking about it for about a year, I decided I wanted to honor his memory by getting a tattoo done of his name and years of birth & death. I had this done on my right shoulder earlier this year, and it is the most meaningful tattoo on my body. I see it every day and it always reminds me of how great he was, and that I need to cherish those memories forever. Courtesy of Chase Martines at Brave New World Tattoo in Denver, CO.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Illustrated Man, Part 23: Ace Attorney Sleeve

I have always wanted a sleeve tattoo, so last year, I had one done on my left arm, around the pieces I already had. I chose characters from the "Ace Attorney" game series on Nintendo DS. It's one of my favorite games, and I chose my favorite characters and icons to make up the sleeve. It features Phoenix Wright, Trucy Wright, Apollo Justice, Godot, Miles Edgeworth, Franziska von Karma, Mia Fey, and the speech bubbles for "Hold It!", "Objection!" and "Take That!" Tattoo courtesy of Chase Martines at Brave New World Tattoo in Denver, CO. Below is a closer look at each part of the sleeve.

 Phoenix Wright

Trucy  Wright and Apollo Justice


Miles Edgeworth

Franziska von Karma

Mia Fey

Hold It!


Take That!

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Illustrated Man, Part 22: AEon Flux

For tattoo #22, I decided to go with the logo from AEon Flux on the right side of my neck. It's a cartoon I've loved for a very long time, and to this day has one of the best logos ever. I had just gotten the complete series on UMD for my PSP, so I took the box in as inspiration. My artist happened to be a huge fan of the show, so he was very excited to do the ink for me. In fact, he says this piece (which he has featured in his portfolio), has gotten him a lot of business over the last three years since it's been done. Tattoo courtesy of Chase Martines at Brave New World Tattoo in Denver, CO.

The Illustrated Man, Part 21: Rock and Roll Coop Girl

This is the first tattoo I got after moving to Colorado. I've always been a big fan of the artwork of Chris Cooper, or "Coop", and as a result always wanted one of his pieces as a tattoo. I picked this one (located on my left quad) because I am also a fan of music. I wanted to have it customized a bit, so I changed up the color of the guitar to black and yellow (I don't recall the original color scheme). Furthermore, I had my artist add the banner to the bottom that says "Rock and Roll", and let him pick the colors. Tattoo courtesy of Chase Martines at Brave New World Tattoo in Denver, CO.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Illustrated Man, Part 20: Crimson Ghost

For the longest time, I wanted a tattoo of the Crimson Ghost, the official mascot of the greatest punk band in history (and my all-time favorite band), the Misfits. In 2007, I finally got it done, in the middle of my back.I may end up adding some green to the eyes, as that's what color they were in the picture I originally used. Tattoo courtesy of Shaun Reed Tattoos in Olympia, WA.

The Illustrated Man, Part 19: Green Lantern

I actually did this piece the same day I did the 'STR8 EDGE' tattoo on my knuckles. It's located on my left middle finger (as if you couldn't already tell that). Basically, I wanted to do a Green Lantern ring on my hand, as I've always been a big Green Lantern fan. Unfortunately, the color never took to my skin well due to the location of the tattoo. At some point, I will probably have my artist Chase Martines (Brave New World Tattoo, Denver, CO) take a look at it and see what he can do about getting the color to stick. Piece by Shaun Reed Tattoos, Olympia, WA.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Illustrated Man, Part 18: STR8 EDGE

For tattoo #18, I wanted yet another straight edge tattoo, once again going to my buddy Shaun Reed (Shaun Reed Tattoos, Olympia, WA). He and I came up with the idea of a knuckle tattoo together. I have to admit I partially took the idea from pro wrestler CM Punk, who has "DRUG FREE" tattooed on his knuckles. I wanted something similar, but not the exact same thing. So, based on this, Shaun came up with the idea to put "STR8 EDGE" on my knuckles instead.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My First Criticism From a Wrestling "Star"

So, as I said before, I am currently a writer for, handling both Impact and Smackdown! recaps, as well as the occasional DVD recap or other random column. It's a lot of fun, and the owner of the site, Eric, gives me a lot of freedom to write however I want. Last week, I did the recap for Impact as usual, not really thinking anything much about it. I gave compliments to a couple of people and ripped on the rest, like I always do. One person in that second group is current knockout Madison Rayne. I tend to rip on her in the recaps because, in all honesty, I don't like anything about her. That being said, I don't consider what I write about her all that vicious. Apparently, Madison Rayne disagrees with me, as she responded to my column last week via Twitter with the following tweet, seen in the pic below:

Yes, that's right. I got under her skin so badly she took the time to go to my Twitter account and call me a dickhead. Do you know what that means?

It means that, as a wrestling writer, I HAVE ARRIVED!

While some writers might be offended that someone insulted them, I am not one of them (being a wrestling writer, you need a thick skin anyway, as there are always people who will criticize you). Not only did this comment not bother me, I actually reveled in it. Why? Because this means my writing is not only getting out there to the people I watch on television, but that they are actually reading it and it is stirring up emotion in them. In this case, I hurt Rayne's feelings. Hey, I don't care what emotion I raise, as long as it's affecting people. 

Madison has not responded to me to since this tweet (maybe because I responded by calling her a "horse-faced cunt", but that's up for speculation). Considering that I made this the starting topic of this week's Impact recap, that could hopefully change within the next week. Now, you might be asking, if I don't care what people think about my writing, why I am so concerned with Madison Rayne writing back to me? That is a good question, but I do have an answer. The reason is because, the more she or anyone else responds to my writing, the more material I have to work with in regards to following columns. It's that simple-I piss these wrestlers off, I get to write about it next time. It works.

Anyway, if you'd like to check out the column that started all of this, you can find that one here, while this week's column where I initially discussed this whole thing can be found here

If anything else develops, rest assured, dear readers, I will share all of my enjoyment with you by bragging about it here as well as at Camel Clutch. 

The Illustrated Man, Part 17: XXX

For piece #17, I decided that I wanted yet another straight edge tattoo. This time, I went with another symbol of straight edge, that being 'XXX'. For those that don't know, the reason 'XXX' is a symbol of straight edge is that each X represents a different part of the lifestyle-one for a clean mind, one for a clean body, and one for a clean soul. We ended up only going with an outline-style tattoo, but I may end up filling it in with some color at some point. I will have to ask my current artist, Chase Martines (Brave New World Tattoo; Denver, CO) what he thinks about doing that. Tattoo by Shaun Reed Tattoos in Olympia, WA.

The Illustrated Man, Part 16: sXe

For my 16th tattoo, I wanted another straight edge piece. My artist, Shaun, who I had just become friends with at the time, is also straight edge, knew exactly what kind of piece I was looking for. He drew up this custom sXe design for me, and we decided it would look good on the left side of my neck. In the process of doing the piece, Shaun thought it would look cool if we added some grey flames to it, so I let him pretty much do whatever he wanted. I'm actually glad he suggested the flames, as I like the way they turned out, especially how the one kind of goes up the side of my neck. Tattoo courtesy of Shaun Reed Tattoos in Olympia, WA.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Illustrated Man, Parts 14 and 15

This post will actually feature two tattoos, partially because they are basically a set, and partially because I got them done in the same day during the same appointment. As you probably know by now, I'm a huge video game fan. Video games have been a huge part of my life since the NES first hit homes in 1985, and I've never looked back. To this day, I still play a ton of video games. When I went in for my then-next tattoo, I wanted something related to video games to show my love for the amazing hobby/art form (and yes, it IS an art form). Based on that, I figured, what better to get tattooed on me than the game that started my entire obsession? The game in question was the original Super Mario Bros. on NES. Games related to the Mario Bros. have been around longer than I have, and to this day they are still the cornerstone of the entire Nintendo franchise. I have always loved most of these games in some way, so I decided to have the iconic Mario and Luigi tattooed on my wrists (Mario on the right, Luigi on the left). This set of tattoos courtesy of Shawn at Phantom Tattoo in Centralia, WA.

The Illustrated Man, Part 13: XIII

This entry in the series will be kept very short. Basicaly, this tattoo (on my right bicep) was my thirteenth tattoo, so I wanted to get a '13'. However, I wanted a less traditional version of the number, so I had the artist draw up a Roman numeral version instead. Courtesy of Shawn at Tiki Tattoo in Lacey, WA.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Illustrated Man, Part 12: Big D

Unlike most of my tattoos, this one actually has a story. Not much of a story mind you, but a story nonetheless. Sometime in middle school, a friend of mine (not sure which one at this point) out of nowhere called me "Big D". There wasn't any rhyme or reason for it; just one of those nicknames you give a friend in school at random. Somehow, this nickname caught on, and by the end of 8th grade, all of my friends were calling me "Big D" all the time. Fast forward a few years, after high school and once I was in the real world, and people were still calling me that. Even friends who I didn't go to school with would refer to me as such. By late 2006, I still had the nickname and was so used to people calling me Big D that it didn't even phase me anymore. So, I decided to go with my mom to Tiki Tattoo in Lacey, WA and get it tattooed on me (She also got tattooed with me that day, as she is also a tattoo fan and has half a dozen or so pieces herself. On a side note, if you're a bodybuilding fan, check out to see her official website). From there, I chose the colors black and yellow for the design, as it is my all-time favorite color combination. The end result is what you see in the picture, located on the back of my neck. Courtesy of Brad at Tiki Tattoo.

The Illustrated Man, Part 11: Grim Reaper

For tattoo number eleven, I wanted to keep going with the old school, traditional stuff. In all honesty, had Josh (the artist) stayed at Tiki Tattoo (Lacey, WA) for longer, I'd probably be covered in old school tattoos right now. He was really good with that style, and I was always pleased with the work. Anyway, this time around, I wanted to go with a grim reaper. He had a good picture of one in one of his books, but the problem was the cape for the reaper was designed to look tribal. I fucking HATE tribal work. He said he did, too, so he changed up the cape to have a more custom-yet-traditional look to it. The end result is what you see in the photo, which is located on the back of my right shoulder. I get a lot of compliments on this tattoo, and once again, the color has held up very well, despite being nearly a decade old. Currently, my artist at Brave New World Tattoo in Denver, CO, Chase Martines, has toyed with the idea of taking the cape on the reaper and extending it all the way down the length of my back. I am very much in favor of doing this, and hope to have it done within the next year or so.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Illustrated Man, Part 10: Mr. Lucky

For tattoo #10, I decided that I wanted something on my right forearm that was similar to the on one my left forearm, keeping with old school, traditional designs. Josh (formerly of Tiki Tattoo in Lacey, WA) had me look through some work and I found I wanted to have a "Mr. Lucky"-style skull done. Once again, Josh took a rough idea, drew something up of his own based on that idea, and he put together the piece you see in the picture. He also chose the color scheme, and added a nautical star to the tattoo because I wanted one somewhere on me. Although it is hard to tell in this pic-partially because it's small and partially because the tattoo is nearly 10 years old and has faded a little (although it has actually held its color very well thus far)-this Mr. Lucky skull has three gold teeth, one on top and two on bottom. In those gold teeth are an 'X' (representing my straight edge lifestyle) and the number '13' (because, well, why the fuck not? It's a good number), respectively.

The Illustrated Man, Part 9: Straight Razor

This is the ninth tattoo I got, located on the inside of my left forearm (it is now part of a sleeve, but I'll save that for another day). Again, I wanted a more old school traditional design, something the artist was very good at. We took a look at some flash art, I picked a basic design, and then let him go to town on customizing it. It contains a straight razor wrapped in a banner. The banner contains the number '13', the traditional suits in a deck of playing cards a pair of dice rolled to snake eyes. He added some flames and a freehand design was added to the blade, and I allowed him to pick the color scheme from top to bottom. Courtesy of Josh (formerly) of Tiki Tattoo in Lacey, WA (I believe Josh moved to Hawaii and opened up shop there, but I'm not 100% positive).

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I also appear on Camel Clutch Blog!

For those of you that may not know this, aside from maintaining this blog, I am also the recapper for WWE Smackdown! and Impact Wrestling television broadcasts for Camel Clutch Blog. My first DVD review of the site, The Greatest Cage Matches of All Time will also be appearing there shortly. For those of you that are wrestling fans, feel free to check out my work there and show your support for pro wrestling. Feedback is welcome and always appreciated. My most recent contribution to the site-the recap of last Friday night's Smackdown!-can be found by clicking here. Enjoy!

The Illustrated Man, Part 8: Knightquest

After getting the Joker done, I figured I needed to get the other half of the equation: Batman. I'm a big Batman fan, and it just seemed natural to have both the mortal enemies tattooed on me in some fashion. However, I didn't want to do the traditional emblem, as that's what everyone does. Instead, I chose the logo for the Azrael version of Batman. This took place during the Knightquest story arc, and since the role of Batman was being played by another person, another logo was made to go along with the story. One difference between the logo and this tattoo (on my left pec), was the original was pale yellow and black. To make it pop a little more, Dave at Tiki Tattoo (Lacey, WA)-the artist for this piece-used a brighter yellow and added orange to the border (Funny side story-this tattoo was paid for with a $100.00 bill I found on the floor in the electronics department at Wal-Mart, where I worked at the time). After nearly ten years, the black in the tattoo had faded quite a bit, and part of the orange had almost faded completely, so I had it touched up 2 days ago at my current shop. Touch-up work courtesy of Chase Martines at Brave New World Tattoo, Denver, CO.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Illustrated Man, Part 7: The Joker

The Joker is perhaps my favorite villain in all of comic books, and Mark Hamill's interpretation of the Joker on Batman: The Animated Series/The Adventures of Batman & Robin is phenomenal. So phenomenal that no one is associated more closely with the character than Hamill. I decided it was this was the version of the Joker I wanted to use for my seventh tattoo. I happened to have a deck of playing cards themed after the television series, so I took the deck with me to Tiki Tattoo (Lacey, WA) and used on of the Joker cards in the deck for the inspiration, including making it look like a playing card. An artist named Jim (who was helping out at the shop that day, but owned his own in Seattle; I wish I knew the name of it) drew something up for me. He changed the lettering of the word "Joker" to something more custom, and added some detail to the Joker's eyes to make him look more menacing and psychotic. Although this was one of the most painful tattoos I've ever received (on my right calf), I was incredibly happy with how it turned out. I've even had people tell me it's the coolest Joker tattoo they've ever seen.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Illustrated Man, Part 6: Snake Eyes

Again, there is really no story to this piece. I simply wanted a more traditional, old school design, so I had a set of dice rolled to snake eyes done, surrounded by blue flames. I will get it touched up eventually, as I know it's in need of one. This is the sixth tattoo I got, and is located on my lower neck, between my shoulders. Tattoo courtesy of Curtis (formerly) at Tiki Tattoo in Lacey, WA.

The Illustrated Man, Part 5: Spawn/Chapel

Again, I'm still somewhat of a comic book fan, and much like the Punisher, Spawn has always been one of my favorite characters. Ever since I picked up my first issue (number 18) and looked at Spawn shoot an army official square in the eye, Spawn has always been a badass to me. What better way to commemorate that badassery with a tattoo? This tattoo is on the back of my left shoulder, and features half of Spawn's face, as well as half of one of Spawn's greatest rivals, the prostitute-fucking murderous bounty hunter with a skull mask melted onto his face (courtesy of Spawn) known as Chapel. This piece was actually taken from the cover of a Spawn issue (number 12), and was done courtesy of Marco Hernandez at Lit Fuse Tattoo (formerly of Tiki Tattoo, which is where the piece was done at), Olympia, WA.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Illustrated Man, Part 4: Poison Free

This is my fourth tattoo (on my right shoulder) and was was my first straight edge piece done. It was originally taken from some flash art, but my artist at the time, Marco Hernandez, changed it up to not only make it a little more affordable for me, but to make it more customized as well (I have only one true piece of flash art tattooed on me). Straight edge is my lifestyle, and I was very pleased how this one turned out. I've gotten three other straight edge pieces since this one, but I will save those for another time. Formerly of Tiki Tattoo (Lacey, WA), Marco is now the owner of Lit Fuse Tattoo in Olympia, WA.

*Recent touch-up work done by Chase Martines of Brave New World Tattoo.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Illustrated Man, Part 3: Evil Clown

Piece number three is my evil clown. There is not much of a story behind this one (or most of my tattoos, for that matter). Basically, I was down in Arizona visiting my brother and then sister-in-law, Sarah. Sarah was a big tattoo fan, too. So, while on vacation there, I asked her to take me to get a tattoo from her shop (she always had nice work). I looked around the shop for a while at all of the flash art and whatnot available, saw this clown, thought it looked cool, and decided to get it this done on my left tricep/bicep area. Surprisingly, it hasn't needed any touch-up work done, despite being over 10 years old. Tattoo by Todd at Ace Tattoo, Glendale, AZ (not sure if this shop is still around or not).

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Illustrated Man, Part 2: Old School Hero

This is the second tattoo I've gotten, also by Danny at the now-defunct Lucky Dog Tattoo in Centralia, WA. The phrase really doesn't mean anything. It was a nickname Steve Corino used during the dying days of ECW, and I just always liked the sound of it. It is basically a half-armband on my right arm. I got this one a few months after I got my first one.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Illustrated Man, Part 1: The Punisher

I haven't been posting much lately, so I decided I would start posting a picture of each tattoo I have over time. Today, I'll be starting with my very first tattoo, that I received on my 18th birthday just about 10 years ago.
This tattoo was a birthday present for my 18th from my mom (I also got my tongue pierced that day, so I couldn't talk AND had a sore left shoulder. 'Twas a great day). It was originally done by Danny at Lucky Dog Tattoo in Centralia, WA (Lucky Dog has since closed down). I got it because I used to be a huge comic fan back in the day. I still like comics, but haven't been able to keep up on them in roughly 10-15 years. Anyway, I went with The Punisher because he's always been one of my favorite comic characters. However, I wanted something besides the standard white and black skull used in the comics, so Danny came up with coloring it black and using red for the eyes and nose holes. While working, Danny thought it would be cool to make the top into flames rather than all black, giving it even more of a custom look, and I agreed.

After nearly 10 years, the tattoo had begun to fade considerably. So, when I went in to get my sleeve done (which I will post in pieces later on), my current artist-and the best damn artist in Denver, in my book-wanted to freshen it up to go with the bulk of the sleeve. This photo was taken that day, and the difference was pretty noticeable if you ever saw the tattoo prior. Touch-up work done by Chase Martines at Brave New World Tattoo. Although Chase is the only artist I use in Colorado, the other artists at the shop-Enrique, Hailey and Eric (the owner)-are all excellent as well.