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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Illustrated Man, Part 1: The Punisher

I haven't been posting much lately, so I decided I would start posting a picture of each tattoo I have over time. Today, I'll be starting with my very first tattoo, that I received on my 18th birthday just about 10 years ago.
This tattoo was a birthday present for my 18th from my mom (I also got my tongue pierced that day, so I couldn't talk AND had a sore left shoulder. 'Twas a great day). It was originally done by Danny at Lucky Dog Tattoo in Centralia, WA (Lucky Dog has since closed down). I got it because I used to be a huge comic fan back in the day. I still like comics, but haven't been able to keep up on them in roughly 10-15 years. Anyway, I went with The Punisher because he's always been one of my favorite comic characters. However, I wanted something besides the standard white and black skull used in the comics, so Danny came up with coloring it black and using red for the eyes and nose holes. While working, Danny thought it would be cool to make the top into flames rather than all black, giving it even more of a custom look, and I agreed.

After nearly 10 years, the tattoo had begun to fade considerably. So, when I went in to get my sleeve done (which I will post in pieces later on), my current artist-and the best damn artist in Denver, in my book-wanted to freshen it up to go with the bulk of the sleeve. This photo was taken that day, and the difference was pretty noticeable if you ever saw the tattoo prior. Touch-up work done by Chase Martines at Brave New World Tattoo. Although Chase is the only artist I use in Colorado, the other artists at the shop-Enrique, Hailey and Eric (the owner)-are all excellent as well.

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