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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Illustrated Man, Part 5: Spawn/Chapel

Again, I'm still somewhat of a comic book fan, and much like the Punisher, Spawn has always been one of my favorite characters. Ever since I picked up my first issue (number 18) and looked at Spawn shoot an army official square in the eye, Spawn has always been a badass to me. What better way to commemorate that badassery with a tattoo? This tattoo is on the back of my left shoulder, and features half of Spawn's face, as well as half of one of Spawn's greatest rivals, the prostitute-fucking murderous bounty hunter with a skull mask melted onto his face (courtesy of Spawn) known as Chapel. This piece was actually taken from the cover of a Spawn issue (number 12), and was done courtesy of Marco Hernandez at Lit Fuse Tattoo (formerly of Tiki Tattoo, which is where the piece was done at), Olympia, WA.

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