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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Illustrated Man, Part 10: Mr. Lucky

For tattoo #10, I decided that I wanted something on my right forearm that was similar to the on one my left forearm, keeping with old school, traditional designs. Josh (formerly of Tiki Tattoo in Lacey, WA) had me look through some work and I found I wanted to have a "Mr. Lucky"-style skull done. Once again, Josh took a rough idea, drew something up of his own based on that idea, and he put together the piece you see in the picture. He also chose the color scheme, and added a nautical star to the tattoo because I wanted one somewhere on me. Although it is hard to tell in this pic-partially because it's small and partially because the tattoo is nearly 10 years old and has faded a little (although it has actually held its color very well thus far)-this Mr. Lucky skull has three gold teeth, one on top and two on bottom. In those gold teeth are an 'X' (representing my straight edge lifestyle) and the number '13' (because, well, why the fuck not? It's a good number), respectively.

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