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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Top 10 Unsigned Female Wrestlers (Who Should Be Signed)

Today, I was thinking about all of the different female wrestlers out there, and how there is so much unsigned talent in that regard. We get garbage like the Bella Twins and Alicia Fox to *ahem* "wrestle", while women who actually love to wrestle and are quite good at it remain toiling on the indy circuit for years, some times for their entire careers. I realize that the WWE and TNA want women who look like TV stars and are about the size of toothpicks, but you know what? Actually wrestling fans don't want to see that anymore. We get crap like the aforementioned Bellas and Fox while women with actual talent such as Kharma (come back soon!), Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Tamina and A.J., despite working for the top wrestling company in the world, are rarely ever given the opportunity to showcase their abilities. It's no wonder why many wrestling fans don't take women's wrestling seriously. However, there are things that can be done to change that, starting with hiring some other very talented women. I present the top ten unsigned female talents who either TNA or WWE could benefit from by signing.


Starting at number ten, we have a woman who has been toiling on the indy and international circuits for nearlyy 15 years in LuFisto. Although she is not as well known as some of the other women on this list, her talent can not be understated. She is exceptionally tough, being the first woman in history to win CZW's Iron Man Championship (essentially a hardcore title), competed in CZW's notorious "Cage of Death" (a match normally reserved for men), and also became Queen of the Deathmatch by winning the first deathmatch tournament of any kind ever held in Canada. Now, before you go writing her off as nothing more than a hardcore wrestler, the girl can get it done in the ring. She has taken numerous top female wrestlers to the absolute limit on many occasions, including Sara Del Rey and Cheerleader Melissa/Alyssa Flash. And, on a personal note, she is very good-looking, in a "girl next door/I'd love to hang out with this chick" way. You want a good-looking woman with talent, LuFisto fits the bill.


Here's a name that's more common, as ROH fans will recognize Haze right away. Not only does Daizee have the looks for the part, but she's got the talent to back it up. You can watch any number of her ROH or SHIMMER matches and see how much talent is present here. She is a creative wrestler in her spots, charismatic, and highly athletic. She has experience in TNA, so that could be the best place for her to start.


This half-Latin/half-Native American woman is standout in the AAA promotion in Mexico and  has been bred for this sport. She is a second-generation athlete-the daughter of Mexican legend El Apache-and has practically been training for the sport her entire life. Mary is a great wrestler who has successfully blended several styles together, including technical and hardcore, with a little bit of martial arts thrown in for good measure. If you've never seen the Apaches work, I highly suggest looking up some of her matches in AAA, especially her hair vs. hair, Reina de Reinas title match vs. her sistery Faby Apache from a couple of years ago.


Okay, I know what you're thinking, "Didn't Jillian Hall already have a chance and WWE and failed?" You'd be partially correct. While she did have a run in the WWE that could be considered failed, that wasn't her fault. Jillian is actually an incredibly talented wrestler, but never got a good chance to show what she could do in the ring. Believe it or not, this woman bleeds wrestling, and in fact had numerous plastic surgeries done at great personal expense explicitly in hopes of getting noticed by the WWE and getting a job, as she was considered too plain looking during the early part of her career. She had all the talent in the world, but knew that it was just her looks holding her back. As for her ability in the ring, take a good look at footage of her from OVW and tell me she's not damn good in the ring. I dare you.


Why is MsChif on this list? Because not only does she just look like a chick that can kick your ass, but she looks that way because she can. MsChif is as tough as they come in the ring, and doesn't even require weapons to look dangerous as hell when she's doing what she does best. She has just an in-your-face brutal style, where every move she does looks like it would hurt like hell (because it probably does). She could add a completely new dynamic to either the WWE or TNA, and is creative in the ring to boot. A virtual "spot monkey", MsChif seemingly has the ability to create new moves on the fly, some of which you may have never seen before.


For entry #5, we get the other half of the Apache sisters. I rank Faby a little bit higher as I consider her the all-around better athlete between the two. Faby is considered by many to be the top female wrestler in all of Mexico, and with good reason. She is very crisp in the ring and is willing to do just about anything to put on a good show. And, much like her sister Mary, has been bred for this business, wrestling practically her entire life. She is adept with wrestling both men and women (commonplace in Mexico), and has collected numerous titles along the way, including the AAA Mixed Tag Team Championships (w/both Aero Star and Pimpinella Escarlata), as well as the very prestigious AAA Reina de Reinas (Queen of Queens) Championship, which she has actually won from her sister in the past, in the aforementioned hair vs. hair match. A match, BTW, that was bloody as hell.


Hamada may look familiar from her brief run in TNA. Let me tell you that Hamada's ability and experience goes far beyond that. In fact, it's safe to say that TNA flat-out misused Hamada, going as far as to give her half the Knockouts Tag Team Championships twice only to not even book her on any shows in order to defend said championships with her partners (Awesome Kong and Taylor Wilde, respectively). Because of this, I would recommend that, if given the opportunity to work for TNA or WWE, she should immediately go to the WWE as TNA has a tendency to repeat itself. Much like the Apaches, Hamada has been around wrestling all of her life, as she is the daughter of Mexican legend Gran Hamada, and her sister Xochitl is a semi-retired wrestler in her own right. Hamada has a stiff, brutal style thanks to years of training in puroresu dojos with the other joshis, and is just as adept at going aerial as she is mat wrestling.


Again, this is another wrestler that TNA totally missed the boat on (you may know her better as Raisha Saeed or Alyssa Flash). Here, TNA had a woman consistently considered one the top ten female wrestlers in the entire world, and they did absolutely nothing with her. Her last appearance for the company was getting squashed by my bestest friend in all of wrestling ever, Madison Rayne. Here, they are given an incredible wrestler-and the first-ever female to win the Cauliflower Alley Club's extremely prestigious "Future Legend" award-and they somehow screwed it up by booking her to do...well, nothing. Melissa has been honing her craft all over the world and it definitely shows in her abilities. She is crisp, charismatic and can sell like no one's business? Need looks? She's got that, too.


Yet another woman misused by TNA. Noticing a trend here? Again, I would recommend Daffney for the WWE, as I don't ever want to see her in TNA again. This woman was used and abused by that company, and I mean that literally. She destroyed herself doing stupid angles for that company, angles she didn't want to do but did because she was told any injuries she sustained would be taken care of by the company (they weren't). Daffney became so banged up as a result of working for TNA that, when she was fired (while still injured, mind you) that she filed a workman's comp suit against the company, a suit that, as far as I know, is still pending and may have actually expanded in regards to charges filed against the company. Fortunately, in WWE's environment, there would be no worry of having to do stupid spots such as getting slammed into thumbtacks or having senseless hardcore matches. She has worked for the company before (she was under a developmental deal after WCW folded), and would be a great fit again. Over the years, Daffney has become one of the best female performers in the entire world, and can literally do it all. She is great to look at (with or without the goth makeup), can wrestle circles around at least 80% of the women in mainstream U.S. wrestling companies, and is insanely charismatic. She has a very unique look and style, something that is sorely lacking in women's wrestling right now.


And now we come to the top of the list. Honestly, it was a tough call on how to rank Melissa, Daffney and Del Rey, but I think I have to give the top nod to the self-proclaimed "Queen of Wrestling". Sara Del Rey is quite possibly the most complete woman in all of wrestling, and has seemingly mastered every wrestling style out there, especially technical wrestling and submission-style. How she has not been signed by a major wrestling company is beyond me. Much like Daffney, she has a very unique look to her, and her charisma is highly underrated. She has wrestled the best wrestlers the U.S. has to offer, and then some, and is practically guaranteed to put in an outstanding performance. She takes her craft very seriously, and it's obvious when you look at any of her matches. I first saw her in a SHIMMER match with Mercedes Martinez, and the two absolutely tore the house down in a 30-minute iron man match. Since then, Del Rey has practically been able to write her own ticket to wrestle anywhere, yet aside from ROH, has not been given the chance to make a splash in the larger promotions. This needs to change, and it needs to change quickly.

Honorable mentions: Mercedes Martinez, Nikki Roxx, Rain, April Hunter, Christina Von Eerie and Lolita

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