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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

RIP Bubba Smith

While I am not a sports fan by any stretch of the imagination, I always liked Bubba Smith as a person. He seemed like he would be a genuinely nice guy, and after his NFL career ended, he took to acting as many athletes do. Surprisingly, he had a niche for being very comedic, and was famous for appearing in every Police Academy movie as "Hightower", and did a very good job. However, my favorite Bubba Smith moment was from the episode of Married...With Children titled "All Night Security Dude" (season 5). Smith played the character of "Spare Tire" Dixon, an old football rival of Al Bundy's. The scene in this blog entry is the one I'm talking about, as Al and Spare Tire have quite possibly the funniest football scrimmage ever seen.

RIP, Spare Tire. You will be missed.


  1. Very well said. Classic scene. He had great comedic timing and delivery

  2. @Raziel: Absolutely. When you combine it with Ed O'Neil's impeccable comedic timing and hilarious expressiveness, and the scene was just a perfect example of what physical comedy should be. And the "Chariots Of Fire" theme playing over the slow-motion scene (I love how Al actually goes into the charge in slow-motion, BTW) just makes the scene that much funnier.