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Friday, May 6, 2011

That's Great, It Starts With An Earthquake...

So, during the course of creating this blog, I posted a poll asking what I should talk about first. Due to the overwhelming response by my millions of readers (Did I say millions? I meant BILLIONS), I guess I will start this blog off with what I have been focused on the most lately, and that is my weight lifting. When my daughter was born in 2009, I had begun to gain a lot of weight, and got as high as 210 lbs. (when I moved to Colorado, I was 160). After my mom came to visit to see her brand new only grandchild, she had immediately noticed how much weight I had put on, and I noticed it too, after I saw some of the pictures she took while she was here. Needless to say, it was really bad, and I couldn't believe how much weight I had gained. So, I decided that it was time to get my fat ass back into the gym and drop the extra weight.

Fast forward to summer of 2010. I had just started back in the gym, and was already down quite a bit. As it turned out, all the walking I had been doing to the bus stops, home, etc. (and I had been doing quite a bit) had paid off: I had dropped back down to 175 lbs. My goal weight was to get back down to 160 again, so I was close. However, no matter how hard I worked out and tried to watch what I ate, I had hit a plateau at 175. I was seeing solid muscle gains from my time in the gym, but I still wanted to get my weight down.

Fast forward again to just a couple of months ago. I asked my mom-a national-level bodybuilder and personal trainer-what I could do to not only see some further weight loss, but hopefully some better muscle tone and definition, especially in my midsection. It has always been my biggest problem area, and the one part that I've never seen much results. She said she'd set up a diet similar to hers, and that it should help with not only the weight loss, but better tone. She was right, and the diet has paid off extensively. It is now early May and I am at 162 lbs. Furthermore-and this is my favorite part-I am seeing abs for the first time in my life. I am actually beginning to see a six-pack, something I never thought I'd get but always wanted.

As I am seeing more and more definition and the weight continues to drop, I have been thinking about bodybuilding competitions more and more. Although I've never competed, I've been around the sport of bodybuilding my entire life and have become a fan as a result. I have seen my mom and several friends compete many times, and I've always admired the success they've received, especially because I know how much work they've put into achieving that success. I've never been in competition shape, but it's something I've always wanted to try at least once. With how things have been going lately, I have been thinking about competition more and more.

At the rate things are going, I could be in competition shape by this time next year, if not sooner, so I am seriously considering it. The only thing I could see struggling with is having my mom prep me. It's not that she wouldn't do it or that I don't want her to (she would and I do); it's the fact that we live 1800 miles apart that might make things difficult. However, there is the strong possibility that my family and I will be moving back home within the next year (another story for another day), so it could still be feasible. I know she would still try to help me if my family and I stayed here in Colorado, but I'd much rather be closer to her, as it would make things easier for everyone. Aside from that, I really want to move back home anyway. This just gives me one more good reason to do so.

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