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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Touch Me, I'm Going to Scream. Okay, I won't. Maybe.

Dear billions of fans, as you can see, I've haven't posted a hell of a lot on here lately, save for my weekly "Chicks in Socks" entries. I've had some serious writer's block, and simply can't think of anything interesting to write about. So, I ask you to please help me out. I want feedback on what you'd like to see me writing about. Want another top 10 list of some random crap? A movie review? Something about video games? My swollen right testicle? Okay, maybe not that last one. Anyway, everything except my nuts and my wife's ass are open for discussion. Okay, just my nuts. But not really. If you want to hear about my nuts, I can discuss them. So, one of you billions must have some kind idea of subject matter, so please leave me some feedback and let me know. Not only will it give me some ideas, but it satisfies my need for constant, unbridled and enthusiastic attention. Leave me some comments with ideas, and I will see if they are up to my incredibly high moral standards, and therefore worth discussing. Go. Do it now. I'll wait.


  1. Wait, my ass is off limits? What the hell?! ;)

  2. Actually, I said it wasn't off limits.

  3. I know, I was just giving you shit. Maybe discussing my ass would be better for your other blog...